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X Factor 2009 | Take That And Elton John Night | Live Show 8 | Joe McElderry Flawless Performances

Well tonight's show of X Factor on Saturday the 28th of November 2009 was a double header with the theme being both Take That and a second round of Elton John songs. Dermot was looking particularly snazzy tonight with his gray pinstripe suit on. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for Dannii and Cheryl. Dannii Minogue was wearing a Greek inspired white floor length skirt with a pretty scandalous high slit up the middle, a white top with a corset style black belt. Cheryl Cole is just looking more and more ridiculous with her outfits as the weeks go on. This week she was wearing a half golf half black puffball dress that had one long sleeve and the other arm was sleeveless.

Round 1 Take That

First to kick off the night was Danyl Johnson. H e was wearing a simple black t shirt and black trousers. Danyl said because he had done a number of ballads over the past couple of weeks he wanted to change it up with a fast song. He chose to sing Relight My Fire with dancers backing him up who wore gold outfits. The song was obviously not his style and I felt he had trouble keeping up with the pace of a faster song. So this performance wasn't really that impressive. Dannii said she wasn't a fan of the body rolls when he was dancing. Cheryl said that it was a camp as Christmas. This must be a Geordie saying because I have never heard that before!

Lloyd Daniels was next wearing a gray button down shirt and black trousers. He sang A Million Love Songs however there was no love or any emotion behind his singing to be honest. It's like he goes through the motions singing the song but he's actually thinking about what he's gonna eat for dinner or something. Simon agreed with me and said that it was a bit mechanical and there was no fire in Lloyd's eyes.

Olly Murs surprisingly enough was not wearing a Fred Perry shirt tonight. Instead Olly wore a white shirt, brown waistcoat, and brown trousers. He sang Love Ain't Here Anymore and it was just cheesy and old fashioned as usual. Pretty much a boring and forgettable performance. There were reports this week that Olly was meant to be the best man at his brother's wedding however, because of the competition if he was to stay in it he would miss the wedding. Well Olly, here's hoping you get sent home this week and make that wedding because you annoy me! Dannii said that the sparkle wasn't quite there in your eyes. Simon said that even though Olly was in the bottom two last week he didn't sulk or complain once this week.

Joe McElderry aka Geordie Joe was next to perform. He was wearing a black leather jacket, white t shirt, and black trousers. He sang Could It Be Magic and did a really good job with the performance. The whole thing was a bit theatrical but it worked for this song because that's what Take That are known for in their live shows. Dannii told Joe that he absolutely smashed it! Simon said that it was brilliant and he was in control of the performance the whole time and commanded the stage. Cheryl said that it was flawless and that she loved him to pieces.

Next up was Stacey Solomon aka horse face. She wore a black mini dress with silver circle detailing. I felt that she was off key for a lot of the song and once again it was just lacking emotion. It was just not a good song choice for her. Louis told her that she did it for him.

Simon took his opportunity to congratulate Robbie Williams on his engagement. OOPS! Simon must have not read the story that the whole thing was a big fake out and Robbie isn't engaged at all.

After her performance Stacey went to speak with Dermot who clearly hates talking to her which I love! Dermot ended up doing an impression of Stacey speaking that was dead on and pretty funny. When he asked her how she felt this week she said that the competition is fun and it just keeps getting funner. Dermot once again pointing out what an airhead she is corrected her grammar and said funner, you mean more fun? Ha ha stupid Stacey!

Onto Round 2 Elton John

Lloyd was up first this round weaing a black suit jacket with tails, white shirt, black suit trousers, all complete with a cane. Once again there was no emotion! Still thinking about dinner I guess. Lloyd tried to dance during his performance of I'm Still Standing but it just ended up looking robotic. His backup dancers wore red top hats. Louis said that you're just about standing there. OOH! He also added that we're looking for a star not just nice. Cheryl fired back at Louis by saying you haven't got anybody still standing! Double OOH! Louis defended himself by shouting in the charts I have! Simon was loving the whole cattiness going on and just sat back laughing and clapping his hands. Simon told Lloyd that he felt it was a silly song choice and looked like an amateur dramatics production, it was just an inappropriate song for you.

Next was Danyl who wore a black suit jacket, white shirt, and black trousers. He sang My Song and I must say he did a much better job this time than on his first performance. The slower songs and ballads suit him the best. He had a lot of power in his voice and emotion. Louis said that he loved everything but the children's choir that backed Danyl up at towards the end of the song. Dannii said that it was much better than the first song. Cheryl simply said good. However, Simon corrected Cheryl by saying it wasn't good it was sensational! He also had a dig at Louis by saying don't be rude about children singing, you're like a dark cloud blotting out the sunlight. Dermot added was it to do with the rule book? Louis just laughed and took it in good jest.

Olly sang Saturday with his whole performance centering on a boxing theme which I found really weird. He used a ring announcers microphone to sing into and his backup dancers were dressed like ring girls wearing purple bra, boxing robe, and boxing trunk hotpants. Olly wore a purple button down shirt and black trousers, how do these two things fit together? The song was more upbeat and more entertaining than his first however, it was still super cheesy. Also, the Olly Murs bulge made a return tonight! Gross, he needs some looser trousers. Louis told Olly that there was something missing. Dannii said that it was an absolute knockout. Simon said that he put his heart into it. At this point the crowd started chanting OLLY! When Olly went over to speak with Dermot, Dermot presented him with a red boxing robe that said MURS on the back. I think a Fred Perry shirt with MURS on the back would have been more appropriate but oh well.

Joe chose to sing Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word. He was wearing a purple button down shirt and black trousers. Joe definitely poured loads of emotion into the performance and it ended up being impressive. Louis said that you've got it all! you were born to do this! Dannii told Joe the feeling that he conveyed in the song through the lyrics was exceptional. Simon said that he was absolutely gobsmacked and that the boy had turned into a man. He added that it was by far his favorite performance of Joe to date. Cheryl just came out with the same nonsense you make me proud to be a Geordie. Well to me it seems as though Joe is racing ahead of the other contestants with two flawless performances, hopefully he keeps this up!

For her second performance Stacey wore a floor length red dress while laying on a piano covered with a sheepskin rug. I found this all to be pretty cliche! She sang Something About The Way You Look Tonight. While it was much better than her first song I still didn't feel like it was a stand out performance. Louis said that he preferred the first song she did. Cheryl said that she looked slightly uncomfortable. Simon told Stacey that she's not a big belting singer like Leona or Alexandra and if she keeps trying to do that with her songs she's going to end up sounding like a wedding singer.

Results to follow tomorrow....

Lloyd Daniels Kicked Out

The results show made for some interesting fashion choices once again. Cheryl was wearing a black mini dress with one long sleeve that had a puffy shoulder pad. Dannii wore a hot pink mini one shouldered origami type dress, she also had a weird curl fohawk hairdo.

For the miming portion of the show the final contestants mimed to Scissor Sister's I Don't Feel Like Dancing. I guess this song choice was to reflect the truly campy nature of the whole performance. The boys were lowered from the ceiling holding onto a rope. Stacey sat onstage wearing a pink sparkly mini dress. Olly was wearing a red cardigan once again something old fashioned that grandpa would wear! Danyl was up to date wearing a black military jacket, Lloyd had on a yellow check shirt, and Joe had on a plain dark blue button down shirt. I think the miming was worse this week because since less contestants remain in the competition, there is less to distract from the fact that they aren't singing.

First guest performance of the night was from Alicia Keys. She had on a red leather jumpsuit and had her hair in a sleek and straight shoulder length do. She started out by singing Empire State Of Mind then merged into her new single Doesn't Mean Anything she then transitioned into one of her best selling songs No One. I have to say she put on a good and entertaining performance, got the crowd involved, and was actually singing live which is more than I can say for some of the bigger name stars that have been on the show. Dermot asked Alicia who she thought would win the competition but she said she would leave it up to the public because she didn't want to influence any votes. Dermot was amazed by her performance as well and said that wasn't just one song and Alicia laughed no we wanted to do a mini concert for you! Dermot jokingly said to Alicia if she wanted to just stay onstage and talk and she joked back that yeah she wanted to take over Dermot's job.

Unfortunately the next performance was by Rhianna who didn't have the same stage presence or personality as Alicia Keys. She performance her new single Russian Roulette which was just a terrible song. Rhianna was also singing live because she was off key for most of the song. The whole performance was just over dramatic and boring. During her interview Rhianna had the personality to match her performance BORING!

The bottom two this week: Olly Murs and Lloyd Daniels

At this point in the show the contestants no longer sing for their survival it comes simply down to the lowest number of public votes.

Lloyd received the lowest number of votes and was kicked out. The whole interview with Dermot after the announcement was like pulling teeth and by the way Lloyd didn't show any emotion happy, sad, angry when the announcement was made, I think this kid is robot! Lloyd just said thanks to everyone and that he wants to be recognized. Wait recognized as what? Dermot then asked what the highlight of the show was and Lloyd couldn't come up with an answer so he just said everything. So along with no emotion the kid has no personality. Dermot then tried to ask what his favorite performance was and he simply said Bleeding Love.

Lloyd then got to perform A Million Love Songs for the final time. Unfortunately for Lloyd the final performance was much better than last nights! After the song the rest of the contestants came onstage to hug him. Yeah that whole part was just lame.

Next week should be an interesting performance by Lady Gaga and Janet Jackson....

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