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X Factor 2009 | Queen Night | Live Show 6 | Jedward Spectacular

The theme of tonight's episode on Saturday the 14th of November, 2009 was the song of the legendary band Queen. I must say that tonight's episode was filled with drama! To kick off the night as the judges walked onstage they played Flash Gordon, why not a Queen song? Both Cheryl Cole and Dannii Minogue looked better tonight. Cheryl was wearing a sparkly black mini dress with a V neck and black high heels. Dannii was wearing another flesh colored floor length strapless flowy style dress. She was wearing a very distinct chunky silver stone or maybe seashells necklace.

Simon kicked off the cattiness for the night by retaliating to some comments made earlier in the week by the singer Sting. Personally, I would have thought that Sting was too busy off saving the rain forest to watch X Factor, but hey you learn something new everyday. Apparently Sting said that all the contestants on this year X Factor were a bunch of karaoke non-hopers. Ouch! Simon fired back by saying Sting I extended an invitation for you to come on the show and impart you knowledge to the contestants that need your help. Very cheeky and I loved it! Simon also replied to the backlash he has received on his decision to keep Jedward last week. He said I will never use tactics, and I didn't feel strong enough about either contestant, I trust the public. He finished by saying to Lucy that he was very proud of her and she left the show with dignity.

Ok onto the singing!

Jamie Archer met Brain May and Roger Taylor from the band Queen, except he was wearing an AC/DC shirt what's up with that? For the performance he wore maroon satin trousers, a black tshirt, and black trousers. Jamie sang a less than average version of Radio Gaga. His voice really did not mesh well with the Queen song he picked. Before commenting on Jamie's performance Dannii said pyros excite me which I found a little weird. Anyway, she said that he couldn't match his voice with the style of song. Louis really stuck the boot in tonight by telling Jamie that you're only an ordinary singer with a small voice and big hair. Ooh! Cheryl told him that she didn't like his hair and Jamie taken aback said WHAT?! She clarified by saying I don't like it curly, but I'm glas you got rid of the jeans this week. Jamie responded the same as always by saying the public are the only ones that count. Hopefully the public will kick him out this week!

Lloyd Daniels began the night looking like a big idiot in the footage before he met Queen he said I don't know who Queen is, I wasn't born until the 90's. Come on now! That's no excuse people born in every decade know who Queen are. He wore a red and black check shirt, skinny red tie, and black trousers. Lloyd sang Crazy Little Thing Called Love with his backup dancers wearing black PVC mini dresses and hearts. Cheryl promised that tonight's performance would be cheeky however, it really ended up looking more cheesy than cheeky. Although I will say that the song was a good choice for his voice. On a side note he's only supposed to be 16 how come he has a tattoo on his wrist and furthermore what is the tattoo supposed to be? Anyway, Dannii said that it was his best performance yet. Simon came back with one of his famous similes by saying you're like a puppy taking part in the Grand National. He also added that this competition is too big for him, but at least you're having fun.

Olly Murs was next. There was a whole big story before his performance about how he had an accident with his hand. Apparently he and the twins (Jedward) were fooling around hitting a punch bag and Olly accidentally hit the metal bar instead of the bag. It resulted in him cracking a knuckle above his pinky. The footage then showed him getting full arm cast and a sling. Is that really necessary for a broken pinky?! I think they were hamming it up and playing on sympathy personally. I also have a conspiracy theory that Jedward moved the punch bag on purpose to try and knock out the competitors one by one. Look for other "accidents" in the coming weeks.... This is the thing that really gets me while Olly had to have a full cast only the day before, for his performance all he had on was a wrist guard! Olly sang Don't Stop Me Now wearing a fitted gray Fred Perry shirt, skinny gray tie, and black trousers. I'm obsessed with where to buy Olly Murs Fred Perry shirt. At one point Olly tried to look cool by sliding to the edge of the stage, instead he slipped and nearly fell. Once again his voice did not suit this type of music at all. To make up for that fact he started doing stupid shoulder shakes, robot style dancing, popping the Olly Murs bulge, and gyrating his hips. Scandalous! This dancing really had nothing to do with Queen so just looked ridiculous. Danni said that the song swallowed his vocals. Louis said that Olly reminds him of Robbie Williams, Gary Barlow, and Will young except probably better. Probably? That's not very convincing Louis.

Joe McElderry aka Cheryl's little brother aka Geordie Joe was up next. He wore a gray shirt, gray waistcoat with a hood, and black trousers. He had about 20 backup singers helping him out while he sang Somebody To Love. While I don't usually like Joe I have to say this week he put on a good performance and his voice really suited this song. I was pretty entertained during his song. Louis felt that the choir helped him an awful lot. Simon fired back by saying I'm assuming that's in your little rule book? He also said that he felt Joe was better last week. Cheryl thought Joe was wonderful and told Louis and Simon both to shut up since they kept interrupting her.

Jedward I have to say is quickly becoming my favorite act on X Factor. It seems as though I'm not the only one, Simon said in the before performance footage that they've won him over a little bit. Once again Jedward wore a Beatles and Michael Jackson tshirt to meet Queen, where's the respect people? I also thought it was a little weird that another day they were wearing matching Custom Deluxe hoodies. For their performance Jedward sang Under Pressure. However, nothing is what is seems with John and Edward instead of just singing the David Bowie/Queen version they mixed the song with Vanilla Ice's Ice Ice Baby. Word, I loved it! The performance began with someone pretending to spray paint John and Edward's name on a piece of paper, to which the twins busted through and one of the twins tripped and nearly fell. Olly's revenge? I also liked the fact they brought back the matching silver suits and winged silver trainers. The backup dancers wore half black half white suits and did old school hip hop moves like the running man.

Drama occurred during Jedward's performance. A random audience member wearing a pineapple on his head ran up on stage and put his arm around one of the twins, he then proceeded to bend over with his bum facing the cameras and patted his bum as if to say kiss it. Jedward laughed it off and kept on singing. It was later revealed that the mystery pineapple man was actually music producer/singer Calvin Harris. He said he was inspired to run onstage because he wanted to make a mockery of the show. The show is a joke and it should be treated as such he added. He also added that Simon Cowell is not really a music fan and has a frightening stranglehold over the music charts in the UK. When Calvin Harris was asked who he wanted to win the show he stated Jedward. He said I would love them to win because where can they go from there? Not them, where can X Factor go from there? It's not a music competition.

Overall, I have to say the whole thing paid off since I found it highly entertaining. Dannii called Louis out on the fact that he broke the rules by having them sing Ice Ice Baby. She also said that their rapping was out of time, which I think she was wrong. At this point the crowd loudly starting chanting JEDWARD! Simon said I have to judge you not in the real world, but in Jedwardland and therefore that was your best performance. He also praised the twins for conducting themselves well during the competition. Louis was mad saying who was that idiot jumping onstage? Dermot O'Leary also praised Jedward for their composure while an idiot with a pineapple on his head that looked like their older brother.

After all that drama Stacey Solomon aka horse face was up next. She wore a brown strapless fitted floor length dress and a diamond arm bracelet. She sang the lesser known Queen song Who Wants To Live Forever and did a pretty good job. Cheryl said you sang your socks off. Simon said that by a mile she was the best performance of the night. Stacey gave a little air high five before going over to talk to Dermot. When he said her who that was for she said Dannii. He told Stacey she could go over and give Dannii a real one, so she went to the judges table and gave Dannii a high five. Personally, I think Dermot did this on purpose so we wouldn't be subjected to Stacey talking.

Last of the night was Danyl Johnson. He kept it simple wearing a black tshirt, black jacket, and black trousers. He sang We Are The Champions however he did so in a more soulful style. I felt that he was singing at too low a key for his voice, which didn't make this his best performance. However, the judges felt differently. Dannii thought it was his best performance to date. Louis told Danyl that he proved he's got it all. Cheryl told Danyl that he won her over and he looked really handsome. OOh!

Results to follow...

Jamie Archer Kicked Out!

The results show kicked off with the judges coming out the song Another One Bites The Dust by Queen, now my question is why didn't they play this song last night when it was actually Queen Night? Dannii looked a hot mess with her 80's crimped hair and flowy floor length green floral dress that had a very low V neck and high slit up the leg. Cheryl looked a bit better wearing a white knee length skirt that had a gold shiny panel on the front, this was paired with a white corset top with gold geometric line detailing.

The contestants mimed Bohemian Rhapsody in honor of Queen Week. Once again the miming has not improved one little bit! There were high notes that were sung in falsetto voices, no one on X Factor has a falsetto voice! The whole thing was just really campy. Brian May and Roger Taylor joined the contestants onstage playing the drums and guitar. Jedward was definitely into the song as they got to do the little Galileo bit. Somehow whoever produced tonight's song managed to make all the voices sound identical, not a good job.

Dermot asked Brian May who his favorite contestant is and he said I really like the girl. That's not a good sign when they can't even remember your name. However, he was referring to Stacey Solomon. Perhaps, Brian just couldn't understand a word horse face said like everyone else. Roger agreed that Stacey was his favorite as well.

Shakira performed her new single Did It Again. She had on a pretty weird outfit that consisted of a black sparkly top with the hips cut out of it, and a black sparkly tutu on top of black trousers. She had Japanese drummers backing her up and honestly they were the best part of the whole thing. Overall, the song wasn't catchy at all and all the key changes and voice changes that Shakira does during the song just made it annoying. Dermot asked Shakira if she had any advice for the contestants and she said don't be afraid of Simon.

Next the 12 finalists performed the X Factor charity single. The single supports the Great Ormond Street Hospital. All the proceeds go to the charity so I give them credit for doing something good. All the contestants wore similar all white outfits while they sang You Are Not Alone by Michael Jackson. I really found this to be in bad taste since everyone is jumping on the Michael Jackson bandwagon since he died. Also, come on it's the holiday season where everyone wants fun and poppy music, You Are Not Alone is definitely not fun. I didn't understand why they contestants didn't sing the song live but once again mimed it. It was so obvious because once again it didn't sound like their voices and Lucie Jones missed a word while she was miming!

The bottom two this week were: Jamie Archer and Lloyd Daniels

Jamie sang The Show Must Go On by Queen. It was a pretty poor performance, and the thing I don't get is that he knew his voice couldn't carry a Queen song the night before so why pick another one?! He just seemed to be screaming rather than singing.

Lloyd sang Paolo Nutini's Lay Down Beside Me. This was actually a good song choice for Lloyd since it doesn't require much of a voice range or high notes. He did a much better job than Jamie Archer.

Simon voted to keep Jamie, Cheryl voted Lloyd, Louis voted Lloyd, and Dannii voted Jamie.
So For another week in a row it was DEADLOCK. Jamie received the lowest number of public votes and was kicked out, yay! Back to the pub for you! Simon looked absolutely shocked with his mouth wide open just looking at the audience. He then came onstage and said I'm sorry to Jamie I probably let him down with the song choices. We've had a few spats but he's a nice guy.

Next week the guests will be Mariah Carey and Susan Boyle.

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