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X Factor 2009 | Wham George Michael Night | Live Show 7 | Sexy Olly Murs

Well tonight's show on Saturday the 21st of November 2009 should have been a campy song spectacular, but instead was fairly disappointing. Of course we need to begin by talking about the judges outfits. I really don't know what was going on with Cheryl Cole's outfit tonight, but she was wearing a hot pink mini dress with sweetheart neckline paired with black studded ankle boots. She also wore a big black bow in her hair that made her look like Minnie Mouse. So basically it was a cross between a brown haired Barbie, Minnie Mouse, and a hobo. Honestly, the way her hair was styled she looked a hot mess like she'd just gotten out of bed or had sex. Also, she was all greased up like once again she had just had sex or was going to the wrestling after X Factor. Dannii Minogue was actually the normal one this week wearing a colorful tropical floor length flowy halter neck dress.

First to kick off the night was Lloyd Daniels. For some reason he looked like he had aged in the past week and appeared to look more mature facially. Hmm, perhaps since Ashley Cole affair doesn't seem to have time for Cheryl you know it wasn't him flying down to London to give her a roll in the hay so perhaps Cheryl made a man out of Lloyd by sleeping with him. We know Ashley Cole naked pics are flying around all over the internet...Anyway, this week all the contestants got to take a day to visit their friends and families back home. Lloyd went back to Treharris in New South Wales to his mum's house to visit his parents and grandpa. Finally, this week someone decided to fix that awful hair of his and Lloyd had a new hairstyle tonight. Lloyd's hair was spiked up and he looked a lot better although on the downside he did kind of look like Nick or Aaron Carter now. Lloyd sang the song Faith while wearing a white t shirt that had the image of a hoody printed on it, so a faux hoodie t shirt? I found the whole performance really cheesy as usual and he should really be part of a boy band rather than trying to be a singer on his own. He definitely didn't have the same attitude as George Michael to pull off a song like that. Simon must have thought it was cheesy as well because during the performance he was holding his nose either to stifle a laugh or because someone farted perhaps? Louis commented that he loved everything but the voice and he has a great image. Simon said that he wasn't bad at all and he looked at lot better, also that this week he started to feel believable. Dermot got a dig at Louis black and white polka dot bow tie by saying he's not the only one who's got a great image Professor Yaffle. Yaffle? That was the best Dermot could come up with?

Next up was Stacey Solomon aka horse face. She went home to visit her mom and son Zack in Dagenham. She also went to visit friends at Havering College. I don't know how she can have friends since no one can understand what she is saying! Stacey wore a black mini fitted dress with a sparkly sequin middle panel while she sang I Can't Make You Love Me. Personally I'm going to pull a Louis here and say that was cheating since that is actually a Bonnie Raitt Song and not a George Michael original. Stacey was a bit pitchy during the song especially in the beginning. Louis told her that she had star quality. Simon said that it wasn't as good as last week, this performance was a little too mechanical.

Now the act everyone waits all week for Jedward. John and Edward went back home to Dublin to their parent's house. They also went to visit friends at their school at the Institute of Education. One of the twins friends, Diandra, was wearing a Jedward t shirt that said We've Got It and had a black silhouette of the boy's heads and blond spiky hair. Jedward also visited their running club at the Dundrum Athletic Club. There another friend wore a blue t shirt that read I Heart John and Edward. I was so hoping they were going to sing Wake Me Up Before You Go Go but they didn't and I was extremely disappointed! How could they not choose to sing that song?! Instead they sang I'm Your Man mixed with the Wham Rap. Jedward wore matching white t shirts that had Choose Life in hot pink writing, they also had white/hotpink sport jackets, white trousers, and multi-colored trainers . This week I was surprised because the twins actually looked a bit uncomfortable doing the crazy, ridiculous dancing. All the backup dancers wore silver shiny suits, however most of the male dance were topless which I found a little weird. The boys stood on scaffolding above the stage, was this because they were scared that Calvin Harris would come back to get them? Most of the backup dancer were breakdancing and spinning on their heads. Jedward looked most confident while they were rapping so I think they need to keep that up each week. Dannii told the boys that this week the singing was in tune but the rapping was out of time. WRONG! Dannii the rapping is the only thing their good at! Simon said that it wasn't George and Andrew, it was more Andrew and Andrew. He also added that Louis has turned them into his version of the Action Man Dolls. However, even Simon could not deny that Jedward is an unstoppable machine. Louis finished by saying that the show would be no fun without them.

Simon introduced Danyl Johnson by getting a dig in at Jedward by saying just singing is Danyl Johnson. Danyl went back to visit his flat in Arborfield. He met up with his housemates and they all went for a drink down at the Swan Inn in Reading. He also went back to visit Elstree School where he used to be a teacher. Danyl wore a brown leather jacket, white t shirt, and black trousers. He sang the song Careless Whisper and did a decent enough job, but I didn't think it was anything extraordinary. Dannii told Danyl that he sang the song perfectly. Louis said that he tried too hard and that Simon was making it very difficult for him. Simon fired back by saying Louis would have you up on the scaffolding wearing a silly shirt! The crowd began chanting Danyl in support.

Olly Murs went back to Whitham to visit his parents, where he claimed that he wasn't a mummy's boy but you could clearly see he is! He went to his local pub The George with some friends for a few drinks. He also visited his old workplace the Climate Energy Offices. On a side note I also noticed Olly was wearing a funky Liberte t shirt with a black and white eagle on it and I wondered where he got it? For the performance however he kept it simple wearing a black shirt and black trousers. He sang Fast Love and was out of tune for most of the song. This was really not a good song choice for his voice. All his backup dancers were wearing black PVC suits and gyrating trying to be sexy, but it just ended up looking stupid. Louis said that everything about Olly Murs is real. Someone in the crowd shouted OLLY WE WANT YOUR BABY! Both Olly and the judges just laughed. Simon said that Olly would have no problems with the chics went he leaves this show, he also said he was great.

To close out the night was Joe McElderry aka Geordie Joe. He went back to South Shield in Newcastle to visit his parents and grandma. He also went to Newcastle College Rye Hill Campus to visit some friends. He sang Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me wearing a black biker jacket, gray t shirt, and black trousers. Although once again this is technically not really a George Michael song but rather an Elton John one he did a really good job. I have to say that Joe is winning me over believe it or not. He was definitely the best performance of the night by a long shot. After Joe's performance all 4 judges stood up to give him a standing ovation. Unheard of! Louis agreed with me and told Joe that he was the best performance of the night. Of course after that compliment Louis had to go into his rant about cheating. I mean at least George Michael sang the original with Elton rather than just a cover like Stacey! Simon was a bit riled by Louis comments and said new rule! we're not going to stop you from speaking! He also added that you've got your silly, stupid little rule book who cares what you think?! Cheryl just smiled and gave Joe 2 thumbs up.

Jedward Kicked Out! Oh No!

The shocking results show began with Cheryl wearing another hot pink mini dress with a very plunging neckline and looking all greased up again! Dannii wore a floor length plum shift dress with a black belt around her waist.

All the contestants mimed Wake Me Up Before You Go Go by Wham and it was Joe who gave it away this week since his lips weren't moving in time with the music. Olly Murs switched up tonight from his usual Fred Perry shirt to a Kappa shirt. All the contestants were jumping around like fools wearing similar white outfits with neon colors. Stacey Solomon got to wear something a little different which was a white dress with hot pink hearts on it. The whole performance was super campy, but not in a good way.

Dermot announced tonight that the X Factor charity single was #1 in the charts this week and Leona Lewis had the #1 album.

Susan Boyle aka Subo kicked off the performances tonight by singing her new single Wild Horses original written and sung by the Rolling Stones. Come on they're having Subo sing covers to launch her career they need to come up with some original material! Anyway there was a noticeable difference to Susan's looks, Simon gave her the super Hollywood makeover that's for sure. She really didn't seem to put any emotion into singing the song so I found the performance a bit dull. When Dermot went to interview Susan it was really awkward with long pauses. She just said things she's said a million times before like it's bloody fantastic and look out my public. Look out for what Susan? Another stint in rehab perhaps?

Mariah Carey was up next and her performance was recorded earlier in the week since she couldn't be there on Sunday. I was suprised to see Mimi miming her songs since she's usually known for singing them live, I guess she's getting a little bit lazy these days. Speaking of lazy she's another one that couldn't bother with good original material and sang a cover of I Want To Know What Love Is by Foreigner. At the end she had a rainfall of butterfly confetti which Dermot seemed to really love for some reason. Basically she didn't have anything interesting to say just the usual nonsense that she loves Simon.

The Bottom Two were: Olly Murs and Jedward. When this was announced the crowd went crazy booing Jedward and chanting OLLY!

Jedward decided to sing No Matter What by Boyzone and I was really surprised they did a pretty good job actually singing. Although, during their song they looked scared and like they couldn't put any effort in the performance or stage presence. It was almost like they already knew they were going to be voted off this week hmm... couldn't someone like Simon Cowell have already told them to try to save face for the X Factor but they will secretly still get some silly record deal anyway? Once again after the twins performance they received a big round of boo's from the crowd.

Olly chose to sing Wonderful Tonight by Eric Clapton and I have to say he did a pretty bad job. He was pitchy throughout the song and he really doesn't have enough power in his voice to pull off any big songs.

Simon voted to keep Olly and added if you boys go tonight I will really miss you, Louis voted Jedward, Cheryl voted Olly but blew kisses to Jedward and one of the boys I think Edward caught the kisses, and Dannii didn't know whether to judge this as a singing competition or not while she kept asking the question no one decided to answer her and she voted for Olly.

Olly pretend to look like he felt sorry for the twins but you know he didn't really. Jedward said that they hope Stacey and Olly go all the way. They also added that being on X Factor is the coolest place to be in the world.

Next week the guests will be Alicia Keys and Rhianna...

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