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X Factor 2009 | Michael Jackson Night | Live Show 9 | Semi Finals

Well it is getting down to the final weeks of X Factor 2009. Tonight's episode on Saturday the 5th of December 2009 was the semi finals so a very important night for all the remaining contestants. The theme of the night was Michael Jackson/Jackson 5 and once again each of the 5 contestants sang 2 songs.

Well continuing the trend of ugly outfits on X Factor this week was no exception and Cheryl and Dannii did not disappoint. Dannii Minogue wore some Star Wars inspired red floor length dress that kind of looked like a toga draped across her one shoulder. She paired the outfit with these huge gold and brown jewel chandelier earrings. I honestly don't know how those things did not rip off her earlobes! Cheryl Cole came out wearing a dress that looked like she had been attacked and half ripped off. It was half a black top with a light pink dress draped or ripped open over the top. She paired with the a huge chunky gold necklace made up of little squares.

Round 1 Michael Jackson

Olly Murs was up first and he was wearing a white shirt however, I couldn't tell it if was a signature Olly Murs Fred Perry shirt or not. He sang Can You Feel It and it was not a great performance. He had backup dancers dressed in multicolored dayglo outfits jumping around the stage like idiots. For some reason during the performance Olly decided to do some weird robot marching, I didn't get it. After the performance Louis told Olly that he had the whole package to which Dannii added he didn't only have the whole package but he was holding one too. She was referring obviously to the infamous Olly Murs bulge! So finally one of the judges has finally noticed and perhaps will get him some pants that aren't skin tight!

Joe McElderry sang She's Out Of My Life while wearing a white shirt and black trousers. Once again Joe did an outstanding job with the song and the performance he put a lot of passion and emotion into the whole song. Cheryl was trying to squeeze out a tear when the camera zoomed in on her. Louis told Joe that he could sell millions of records. Simon said it's getting annoying because I keep saying this every week, but you're getting better and better. He also added that it was once of the best versions of She's Out Of My Life he has ever heard. Wow high praise indeed Joe! Cheryl told Joe that it was better than anything he's ever done.

Stacey Solomon aka horse face actually made an attempt to be sexy wearing a tuxedo jacket, black bustier, black Fedora hat with sparkles, and black leather gloves, and no pants I might add! However, anytime Stacey tries to be sexy she fails miserably even before she opens that stupid mouth of hers. She sang a jazzy version of The Way You Make Me Feel and was out of tune for most of the song. During one point in the performance the male backup dancers placed chairs in front of Stacey to walk across, which surprisingly enough she managed to do in high heels. Another thing I didn't get is why were the male backup dancers wearing black leather chaps?! Louis said that it was the wrong song choice for her. Cheryl said that Stacey was a yummy mummy and Simon told her that it wasn't her, it was silly, gimmicky, and too cabaret.

Danyl Johnson finished out the first round dressed in a black shirt and black leather trousers. He sang Man In The Mirror while the images on the screens behind him showed scenes of the devastating effects of climate change however, I think this went over many people's heads since they had to keep asking what all that was about. He had a bit of a shaky start to the performance and I thought maybe he had a cold by the way his voice sounded, but once the choir kicked in he had a strong ending. Louis just kept moaning about the scenes of climate change and polar bears, then stupid Dannii chimed in and didn't get the polar bears either. Dummies! Simon said that Danyl was incredible, on the money, genuine, and brilliant.

Round 2 Free Choice

Olly Murs was first again for the second round of songs. He wore a tan shirt once again not sure if it was an Olly Murs Fred Perry shirt and a black skinny tie, it actually reminded me a Hans Solo's outfit in Star Wars. He sang We Can Work It Out the Stevie Wonder version. Olly just demonstrated more of his ridiculous dancing during the performance, it almost looks as though he's having convulsions onstage and someone should hold him down with a tongue depressor! Louis told Olly that you remind me of Jay Kay from Jamiroquai with your silly dancing. Good I'm glad at least Louis has noticed that his dancing is stupid!

Joe McElderry wore a silver/gray shirt with a white collar and sang Open Arms by Journey. Once again I can't find a bad thing to say about this performance, he did a great job. Joe's grandma Hilda had said she would like to be on one of Simon's shows so Simon told Joe that gran Hilda can come on any of my shows.

Stacey Solomon picked a better song for the second round but a worse outfit. She wore a silver toga floor length dress with sparkly belt around the waist. The dress was like sack and just made her look fat. Stacey sang Someday from West Side Story and this was a much better song choice for her as her voice is suited to power ballads and not pop songs. Cheryl said that the performance gave her goosebumps.

Last of the night was Danyl Johnson who was looking smart wearing a black suit and white shirt. He sang I Have Nothing by Whitney Houston. This was a much better song choice for Danyl and this performance was definitely better than his first. Simon said that Danyl deserves a place in the final.

But will he make it to the final we will have to wait for the results tomorrow....

Danyl Johnson Kicked Out!

Well tonight was the last results show before the finals. Dannii came out wearing a one shouldered gold sequined mini dress. Cheryl looked like a hooker wearing a black wedding dress! Cheryl had on a black mini dress at the front with huge puffball sleeves and long black train at the back like I said resembling a wedding dress.

The contestants mimed Wanna Be Starting Something by Michael Jackson mixed in with Please Don't Stop The Music by Rhianna. All the contestants were dressed in silver and white outfits. No doubt the miming was terrible once again the only upside is that it is almost over!

First guest performance of the night was from Lady Gaga who sang Bad Romance and honestly it looked like she really couldn't be bothered putting any real effort into the performance. All the dancing and singing was pretty half hearted. While she was actually singing live, I think I would have preferred she mimed since she was off key for most of the song and it was grating. She began the performance wearing a outfit that made her look like a bat and for some reason she was in a huge bathtub with her backup dancers. What one thing had to do with the other I have no idea and I don't really care to find out. Then she took off the bat wings and turned into a cat I guess because she told the audience to get their paws up, once again I have no clue. She then went over to play the piano which had a toilet as a piano stool but she never sat down on the toilet so what was the point of it being there?! After the performance she had a pretty awkward interview with Dermot. He Lady Gaga were she found a bathtub so big and she flatly said Simon's house. He then asked if she had any advice for the contestants and she spewed some crap about being yourself, oh sure Lady Gaga because you're not a brand and image conjured up by the record companies at all right?

The second guest performance of the night was from Janet Jackson who did not sing live but instead mimed. I guess she was on the show because it was Michael Jackson the night before, otherwise she hasn't had a hit song in years! Which is why she had to begin the performance with her last hit All For You and merged that song into Make Me. The whole thing was nothing really special to be honest, she totally should have sung Nasty Boys!

Dermot announced that Danyl Johnson received the lowest number of public votes and was out. Danyl sang Man In The Mirror for his final performance and then there were 3. The finalists contending for the top X Factor spot are Olly Murs, Stacey Solomon, and Joe McElderry.

Next week special guests include: Michael Buble, Robbie Williams, and George Michael

Instead of all 3 finalists waiting until Sunday to hear if they will be kicked off or not, someone will be kicked off on Saturday leaving only two contestants to battle for the top spot on Sunday December 16th, 2009. Stay tuned....

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