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X Factor 2009 Boot Camp Episode 1 Episode 2

X Factor 2009 Boot Camp got underway on Saturday the 26th of September 2009 and to be honest it was all a bit confusing! It's part of a double bill the second part coming up on Sunday the 27th of September and that's when we'll find out who officially got into the knockout stages of X Factor 2009. There will be 24 contestants who get through X Factor 2009 boot camp to the knockout stages. So I'll try and do a roundup of tonight's episodes which is easier said than done! X Factor 2009 boot camp was filmed some time in August in London's Hammersmith Apollo in front of 4000 X Factor fans. The show tonight was split in two, with the first auditions skipped through quite quickly. I'm still wondering who got through the X Factor 2009 Boot Camp in a lot of cases!

First group to sing on X Factor 2009 Boot Camp were made up of It Takez 2, the Pontins entertainers who now work in Alton Towers, Just Du-Et who I'd never seen before were they on the Xtra Factor? Alicia was also in it who I don't remember either. They sang Breakeven by The Script and were absolutely terrible. Alicia then admitted to Simon Cowell that she picked It Takez 2 and Just Du-Et on purpose so she would look much better. Alicia got through this round of X Factor Boot Camp with Just Du-Et and It Takez 2 going home. Alistair Nwachukwu and William Tackie were in the next group. William Tackie must be another Xtra Factor contestant as I can't remember him from the ITV1 X Factor 2009 Auditions. Alistair Nwachukwu is someone I do know however as he showed a lot of promise in the X Factor 2009 Auditions Episode 4. I don't think he got through tonight though as his singing was really off key. William Tackie is another one who fell tonight, he won't be going any further in the competition. Alistair Nwachukwu sang I'll be There by the Jackson 5 but it was a really bad audition. Andrew Fawcus? Another funny name which goes with his funny face. I'm not sure if it was make up or fake tan that Andrew Fawcus had all over the place. I had never heard of him he sang Hot N Cold by Katie Perry along with some unamed ginger girl. Louis Walsh praised Andrew Fawcus's dancing, which to be honest was terrible. They didn't go through. Amie Buck, the Megan Fox lookalike pole dancing stripper forget her lyrics again. She was supposed to be singing...I don't know to be honest. Amie Buck didn't sing enough of the words for me to understand it. So Amie Buck goes back to being a stripper. I think she only got through her first audition because of her looks so she can't have too many complaints.

Graziella Affinita was back with a sob story we seemed to have missed first time round. She was going on about her hard childhood and the usual rubbish. Graziella Affinita was in a group with Shar Alexandra and Shaniece Davis and I'd say they were one of the best groups on tonight's show. Cheryl Cole said they were killing it and should become a group. More on that later, we haven't seen the last of Graziella Affinita, Shar Alexandra and Shaniece Davis. Lucie Jones got through this stage singing Mariah Carrey's Hero. I'd still say Lucie Jones is one of the favourites to win X Factor 2009. Kandy Rain were back singing what I think was Apologize by One Republic. I thought Kandy Rain were rubbish again but what do I know. They got through this round. Joseph McElderry also got through singing Kings of Leon Use Somebody with all the judges saying how much they liked him. I still think Joseph McElderry is related to Cheryl Cole. Anyway enough of my conspiracy theories. Jamie Afro Archer got through this section despite being distinctly average. If it wasn't for his hair there would be absolutely nothing memorable about Jamie Afro Archer at all.

So how did the Irish Twins John and Edward get on in X Factor 2009 Boot Camp. Well they turned out to be just as annoying as everyone first expected. One of them did a front flip cartwheel thing on stage which was embarrassing. It looked ridiculous. They sang Apologize by One Republic along with Miss Fitz (who seemed to be missing a member but this wasn't mentioned on the show) and Sian Paley whoever she was. Another Xtra Factor contestant I assume? I don't know why they didn't explain where the other member of Miss Fitz went to either. Anyway, Miss Fitz and John and Edward got through with a bit of controversy. John and Edward were pretty terrible, they did some awful dance routine which was excruciating to watch. It was totally out of time with the song and all over the place. The worst part was when they missed there parts and sang over Miss Fitz and Sian Paley. Sian Paley seemed to suffer most and ended up getting booted out. Simon could be heard calling them brats and to be honest the only one who seems to like them and their stupid hair is Louis Walsh. He was comparing them to Wham or Bros. They annoying little twits even managed to upstage Sian Paley's exit interview by jumping out the doors wha-hooing at the camera as she stood there. Get John and Edward out of X Factor 2009 I've had enough of them already!

Treyc Cohen got through this first stage of X Factor 2009 boot camp. Treyc Cohen Joined Olly Murs who sang One Love by U2. Olly Murs seemed to cruise into the next stage. Shanna Goodhead got through the first stage of X Factor 2009 boot camp. Shanna Goodhead sang Hero by Mariah Carrey. William Hooper didn't get through though but he did well for an 82 year old. William Hooper was shown the night before offering to make everyone a cup of tea.

That was the first knockout round over with. We were now down to the last 100 contestants. They were split up into 4 rooms, 25 X Factor 2009 contestants in each room. The room with Danyl Johnson, John and Edward the Irish Twins, Lucie Jones all got through. I think the Leonna Twins got through as well or Sirens I think there name was? Surprisingly Graziella Affinita, Shar Alexandra and Shaniece Davis all got told that they were out which was silly since they were excellent. Turns out it was all part of Simon Cowell's masterplan to put them in as a group. This makes total sense as the groups have been awful this year. Looks wise Graziella Affinita, Shar Alexandra and Shaniece Davis aren't up to much but they have amazing voices. I think we should name them Shagra what do you think? Jamie Afro Archer, the guy from Chicago Ethan Boroian, Stacey Solomon and Lloyd Daniels also got through to the final 50.

Ok so on to the final part of X Factor 2009 Boot Camp episode 1. We were shown the auditions for the final 50 which will be reduced to the final 24 to compete on the live X Factor shows. We wont find out the result until tomorrow when the show the second part of the X Factor Boot Camp double bill. We were shown Joseph McElderry singing George Michael's Praying for Time. I thought he was overdoing it a bit but all the judges seemed to like it. Simon said it might be a couple of years too soon for Joseph McElderry. I think he's the new Gareth Gates. He'll go through. Nicole Jackson sang Stop Crying Your Heart Out by Oasis and it seemed to go well. Nicole Jackson will probably go through too. Ethan Boroian sang Paulo Nutini's Lay Down Beside Me and was very good I'd still say he's one of the favourites to win X Factor 2009. Rozelle Phillip sang Jennifer Hudson's You're Gonna Love Me and I thought she really overdid it. Rozelle Phillip was kind of grunting in to the mic at some parts! Daniel Fox was back with his operatic style singing With or Without you by U2. The judges seemed to like Daniel Fox but I'm not sure where he fits in to the X Factor! Lucie Jones sang Christina Aguilera's Hurt. She did an excellent job but the judges seemed concerned that she can only sing ballads.

Rachel Adedeji sang Paulo Nutini's Lay Down Beside me and was very good. The crowd loved it. Duane Lamonte was back we'll find out if he got through tomorrow. Trucolorz were pretty average. Trucolorz sang Gabrielle's Rise we'll find out if they got through pretty soon. Daryl Markham was back again singing I can't do it by Myself by Anita Bryant. Everyone seemed to enjoy Daryl Markham. Daniel Pearce was sporting a green mohawk tonight and did his own take on Prince's Purple rain. Personally it sounded to me like Daniel Pearce was gargling with listerine. Nicole Lawrence was last up and she was back on to her sob story about her dad dying and how he's watching over her you know the usual sentimental mystical rubbish. Whatever works for her I guess. She sang Jennifer Hudson's I'm telling you. The crowd and judges loved it I thought Nicole Lawrence was terrible and had to fast forward it. I couldn't listen to anymore of her growling in to the microphone it was scary. She had a few tears for Dermot at the end but we'll find out which of these contestants go through in tomorrows second part of the double bill. Danyl Johnson was hardly in tonight's I wonder if they're trying to tone things down a bit with the hype to give the other contestants a chance. Danyl Johnson was getting so much press after all. Jade Fubara was nowhere to be seen. Perhaps they did show some Jade Fubara and I missed it? Also Faye Bray the now infamous prison lecturer who turned up in lingerie for her X Factor audition didn't appear on tonight's show. M & G the Harrods guys were nowhere to be seen either! Curtis Moore the little boy with the tag on his leg wasn't shown too much either. Maybe after the press showed Curtis Moore with Knives on his Bebo page they kicked Curtis Moore off the show?

X Factor 2009 Boot Camp Episode 2 - The Results

Ok so ITV decided to string out the results of the boot camp auditions until Sunday the 27th of September 2009. They showed a few auditions for this on the 26th of September but the majority of the boot camp auditions were shown on tonight's episode. Behrouz Ghaemi was up first back with his leather trousers again. Behrouz Ghaemi is the guy from Iran or Persia as he called it who sang the Scissor Sisters at the X Factor auditions. He was back with his eye liner and his crazy eyes and did a really over the top version of Purple Rain by Prince it was pretty awful. This is a bit of a spoiler here as I'll tell you all the results at the end but Behrouz Ghaemi didn't get through. Treyc Cohen was up next and she was complaining about losing her voice and she did sound a bit husky compared to normal. She sang Ben my Michael Jackson and Treyc Cohen did get through the boot camp stage. I think she should get it on with Jamie Archer they could make little afro babies. Despina Pilavakis also sang Purple Rain by Prince and Despina Pilavakis qualified and got through the boot camp stage. Lloyd Daniels is the blue eyed blonde haired Welsh kid and this time sang Michael Jackson's You Are Not Alone. Lloyd Daniels got through boot camp to the next stage. Kandy Rain are the girl group I hate but just keep on marching through each round. Kandy Rain turned up this time in the Pussycat Dolls leftover clothes and got through to the next round by singing Stop Crying Your Heart Out by Oasis.

Jade Fubara was back! She wasn't shown much on last nights episode of the X Factor 2009 Boot camp. Unfortunately for Jade Fubara she didn't get through. Her audition at the boot camp stage was really overdone, she grunted and growled her way through Jennifer Hudson's And I'm Telling You. Shame I thought Jade Fubara was going to do well in the competition. Dominic Harris sang Paulo Nutini Lay Down Beside Me and I thought he did a pretty good job. It wasn't enough to get through however and Dominic Harris is out of the X Factor 2009. Miss Frank is the new name for Graziella Affinita, Shar Alexandra and Shaniece Davis girl group. Pity they didn't go for Shagra. Anyway, they got through singing Wishing on a Star. It was all pretty pedestrian from Miss Frank until Graziella Affinita started rapping and that got the crowd going and seemed to wake Simon Cowell up. I was sitting on couch cringing, I thought it was awful. Miss Frank got through the boot camp section which wasn't a surprise as the groups are terrible this year. Simon Cowell said they had no chemistry and that Graziella Affinita looks like she doesn't need the other two which is a bit rich since he put them together in the first place. Groups brings me on to Miss Fitz who didn't get through. They only had two members and no explanation was given as to what happened with the other girl. I didn't catch her name but she appeared in the group on Episode 2 of the X Factor 2009 auditions. She was the one who appeared on X Factor in the same year as Leona Lewis won it. I'm not sure if Miss Fitz split up or the girl left as she got a better record deal so I'm going to make something up. Miss Fitz pulled out of the competition due to cannibalism. The two surviving members of Miss Fitz got so hungry in the hotel room that they ate the other one and that's why Miss Fitz could no longer take part in the X Factor.

Thomas Calvert (?) forgot the words to I'll Keep Holding On. Thomas Calvert didn't qualify from the boot camp stage. Ivy Chanel (?) didn't qualify from boot camp as she also forgot her words. Scott James didn't qualify from boot camp as he forgot his words. Simon Cowell was heard saying that Scott James froze on stage. This was the guy who has autism and found it hard to leave his bedroom so we can understand him having trouble performing in front of 4000 people. I found Rikki Loney really annoying. He's one of these people who's so desperate to make it he'd step on his grandmother to get there. Despite the fact that Rikki Loney was terrible due to a throat infection the judges still put him through to the next round. Unbelievable. Rikki Loney sang Adele's Chasing Pavement and it was horrible. Olly Murs is still in with a good shot of winning the competition. Olly Murs got through bootcamp by singing Elton John Your Song and was very good. De-Tour another group with two guys were average singing Paulo Nutini Lay Down Beside Me and got through boot camp. I reckon if I grabbed a tramp from the street and came up with a witty group name we'd have qualified. Harmony Hood didn't get through in saying that, they sang U2 With or Without You. End of the road for Harmony Hood. Curtis Moore the little criminal didn't get through boot camp either. Curtis Moore sang Michael Jackson's You Are Not Alone and sounded ok. I guess he'll have to go back to robbing houses. Project A were another average group who got through. Project A sang Gabrielle's Rise and were no better than average. Stacey McLean was pretty good. She sang U2 With or Without You and Stace McLean marches on to the next round. Jamie Afro Archer also sang this song and got the crowd involved again. Very cheesy. I can't help but think it's to hide the fact that he doesn't have much of a voice. Jamie Archer got through to the next round. Stacey Solomon was excellent and sang There you'll Be. Stacey Solomon qualified for the next round. She was heard saying that she felt like her mouth was full of sand after coming off stage. Danyl Johnson, what a let down he was. After me moaning he was hardly in yesterdays episode it was probably just as well after this effort. He started off beat boxing which is always a no no and then Danyl Johnson burst in to Holding Back the Years by Simply Red. It was pretty average. Simon Cowell asked him at the end why he didn't try to sing any of it to the melody.

Ok so here's the round up of who got through X Factor 2009 Boot Camp:

Girls - Dannii Minogue
Stacey McLean
Despina Pilavakis
Nicole Jackson
Stacey Solomon
Rachel Adedji
Lucie Jones

Boys - Cheryl Cole
Lloyd Daniels
Ethan Boroian
Rikki Loney (you have to be kidding me?)
Daniel Fox
Joseph McElderry
Duane Lamonte

Over 25's - Simon Cowell
Jamie Afro Archer
Daniel Pearce
Olly Murs
Nicole Lawrence
Treyc Cohen
Danyl Johnson

Groups - Louis Walsh (absolutely no chance just look at this line up!!)
Miss Frank
Kandy Rain (haha)
Project A
John & Edward (no comment)

I don't fancy Louis Walsh's chances...

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  1. X Factor Daniel Fox trained at Melody Pop Tuition in Bolton since he was 15 years old.

    Despite that, I agree with cheryl; I do not believe he has the x-factor and will definitely not win the competition (in my opinion).