Sunday, 20 September 2009

X Factor 2009 Auditions - Episode 6

The X Factor 2009 Auditions Episode 6 aired on Sunday the 20th of September 2009 and was part of a double bill with Episode 5. The big stand outs of tonight's show were Daniel Pearce, Scott James and Curtis Moore. For funny X Factor 2009 auditions we were spoiled for choice with CASYR, Michael 'Mr Wigan' Couling and back for more Eileen Chapman.

First up on Episode 6 of the 2009 X Factor Auditions were pub singers Tom and Paul otherwise known as Them 2. Them 2 wanted to share their love of music with the world and chose to do it by covering One Love by Blue. Simon Cowell didn't pull any punches and said they were both absolutely terrible and horrible at the same time. They seemed surprised. Them 2 were pretty bad, the voices were in monotone the whole time and didn't work together. Them 2 also did some weird prancing and posing up and down the stage. Cheryl Cole said they looked like they were being controlled by remote control I know what she was saying they were a bit robotic. No surprises they didn't get through to X Factor 2009 Bootcamp.

Amy Winehouse wannabe Faye Carford was up next. She sang I'm no good and had some crazy poodle hairdo going on. Faye Carford also had a babyish sounding voice and couldn't hit a single note. Terry Griffith's was the next funny X Factor 2009 contestant. He was 17 and claimed that the most interesting thing about him was that his brother shot him 'by accident'. After his terrible rendition of Westlife's Swear it Again Simon Cowell asked Terry Griffith's if his brother shot him to stop the singing. I love it! Jarrod Morrison was extremely strange I start to wonder about the British public I really do. Jarrod Morrison claimed to be 36, lets just say I'm not convinced. Anyway he had some Michael Jackson outfit on then started to strip while murdering Beat It. The funniest part of Jarrod Morrison's audition was when the crowd started chanting 'off off off' he mistakenly thought it was in reference to his shirt. So he took that off to show his pasty skinny body much to the dismay of the X Factor judges and the audience. He didn't get through.

Someone decent at last on the X Factor 2009 auditions episode 6! Daniel Pearce from Buckinghamshire was on Popstars the Rivals and ended up getting into the band One True Voice remember them? Didn't think so. They had a number 2 single in 2002 with Sacred Trust but Daniel Pearce and the band split up a few months later while Girls Aloud and Cheryl Cole have gone from strength to strength. So what's changed for Daniel Pearce over the past 7 years? His hair for a start. He was sporting a nice black with pink tipped mohawk mohican do. He's also been busy with the wife firing out a few kids along the way. Daniel Pearce sang Kiss From a Rose by Seal and was pretty good. All the judges loved him and Daniel Pearce has to be made one of the favourites to win X Factor 2009.

Despina Pilavakis was another young mahogany girl who seemed to have fallen into a big vat of fake tan. Despina Pilavakis sang The Weakness In Me by Keisha White/Joan Armatrading and marched through to boot camp. I thought she was pretty average but we'll see how she gets on at the next stage. Hopefully they'll wipe some of her fake tan off too. Nicole Jackson got a grand total of 10 seconds of screen time and sang Think Twice by Celine Dion. Nicole Jackson is an 18 year old bar worker and got through to boot camp. Another terrible group, Siren, got through I don't even know what they sang they got so little screen time. I'm not sure what ITV is playing at with this. Siren seem to be more memorable because they're two female twins that look like X Factor 2007 winner Leona Lewis. For me, they didn't sound like her but they got through to boot camp. The extravagantly named Graziella Affinita also got through by singing Alicia Keyes If I Ain't Got You. Graziella Affinita impressed Simon, the 25 year old bar manager had lots of interesting tattoos.

Enough of the talent, back to the funny X Factor auditions. Lauren and Nathan made up CASYR which stands for Care And Support Your Relatives. They came with 32 of their relatives but unfortunately they couldn't help CASYR get through. Mostly because, as Simon pointed out they were CRAP (Caring Relatives Are Problematic). They sang No Air by Chris Brown and Jordin Sparks but didn't hit a note. Poor CASYR. Steve Lee was a strange guy singing When You Believe by Whitney Houston and Mariah Carrey and was awful. Simon Cowell said it was one of the worst auditions he'd ever heard. The funniest part of Steve Lee's audition was when Simon told him he was 'horrific' he thanked Simon as he thought he said terrific. Some people live in a little delusional world of their own don't they? Anyway Steve Lee was 36 and is a graphic designer. He's still a graphic designer. The fantastically named Melody Mangazva was up next. I think she sang another Alicia Keyes song Where You Can Stay Forever but I might be wrong as it was hard to understand Melody Mangazva. She stomped off stage to several puns of her name by the X Factor judges. Michael Couling is a Mr body building Wigan winner. He beat 6 other people to the title so if that doesn't impress you I don't know what will. I don't know what Michael Couling sang either ITV only game him a few seconds of screen time which is maybe just as well. He took his shirt off which seemed to impress Cheryl and Dannii.

Paula McKenzie admitted to paying £600 on singing lessons which was evident from her terrible audition. The 26 year old florist sang My Life Would Suck Without You by Kelly Clarkson. Simon told her she looked like she was about to lay an egg before she even started singing. Nerves definitely got the better of her and she got a bit emotional at the end. A heckler from the crowd shouted at Simon to give Paula McKenzie her money back for the singing lessons to which Simon obliged. A happy ending for Paula McKenzie!

One of the stars of the X Factor 2009 Auditions Episode 6 was undoubtedly Scott James a 21 year old who suffers from autism. Apparently he's a hard time over the years with actually being able to leave his house so I'm not sure how he managed to audition in front of 2000 odd people at the Manchester X Factor auditions. Scott James credited this confidence to his mum and singing teacher. He sang You Raise Me Up by Westlife and had a good audition. The judges called his singing coach Lindsay out on to the stage to give him the verdict that he was going through to boot camp. Cue emotional mum shot, dramatic music, crowd goes wild blah blah you know the drill folks.

Eileen Chapman came back to annoy me further. I won't spend too much time on it, I'll just say she wore the same outfit made from animal remains and sang the same song. The usual flirting with Simon was there this time Eileen Chapman said she'd like to show him a thing or too. Sense prevailed and Eileen Chapman was sent home but at least she had a nice day out. M & G were next, I don't know what that stands for perhaps their initials? They were dressed like the Men In Black and were two Harrods security guards aged 25 and 42. M & G sang End of the Road by Boys II Men and got through to boot camp after telling Simon they saw him shopping in Harrods one day.

Trucolorz got through by singing Lady Gaga's Just Dance. Trucolorz were 3 girls aged 16-17 and didn't get enough air time for me to like or dislike them. Project A were another girl group with four members also singing Lady Gaga's Just Dance. Again Project A were on for less time than some of the commercials shown at the ad breaks so I can't say if they were good or not. Both Trucolorz and Project A got through to boot camp however. Daniel Fox had a bit of an opera voice and got through. Daniel Fox is only 18 and someone I'll definitely look out for in further X Factor episodes. Rachel Adedeji also got through singing Alicia Keyes's If I Ain't Got You. Rachel Adedeji was on the X Factor last year and is again through to boot camp this year.

Megan Fox lookalike Amie Buck was up next she's also from Newcastle so Cheryl took an instant liking to her. Her audition was a total mess but she was given every chance to prove herself...again...and again....and again. It wouldn't be the fact that she looks like Megan Fox that has anything to do with it is it? Seriously we actually had Cheryl Cole go up on stage and help her with the words at one point. First up she tried Alicia Keyes Falling, everyone told her she wasn't good enough to sing it. So she sang Girls Aloud version of Stand By Me in tears with Cheryl coaching her through. Amie Buck stumbles through to boot camp. It has recently come to light that Amie Buck is actually a lapdancer. She originally claimed to be a personal trainer, but hello you're on X Factor you know people are going to find out if you're lying! Amie Buck has been lapdancing at the Blue Velvet Club which is located in Newcastle. According to co-workers of lap dancer Amie Buck she can earn a pretty hefty sum on her nights in the club. In my opinion she's better sticking to lap dancing rather than singing.

Last but not least was cocky little Curtis Moore who turned up with a police tag on his leg as a result of prior charges. He told host Dermot O'Leary that he has a Police curfew 9pm. He got through to boot camp so I'm not sure how his curfew will affect him if he makes it to the live knockout stage. Will Curtis Moore have to go first so he can be home to meet his curfew? Or does Simon Cowell's arm reach as far as the cops and he can swing Curtis Moore some more time. He sang Let Me Love You by Mario and had a decent voice. Cheryl said he was a cheeky chappy and had a real swagger to him. He's through to boot camp. I couldn't help but think of his victims out there that he burgled and here he is prancing about on TV. He says he's learned from his mistakes so who am I to judge. Good luck Curtis Moore.

Cheryl Cole's dress were the same as some of the previous episodes but the new ones today were a gray mini dress with yellow, red, and green square print. The dress also had silver stud detailing and was accessorized with a pink over-sized bow belt and green heels. Cheryl Cole's other outfit of the night was a white striped button down shirt with puff short sleeves. Dannii Minogue's dress was a red boat-neck number with a silver chain-link necklace. Dannii also had another dress which was an 80's inspired look. It was a black and white dress where the black side of the dress was strapless and the white side had a big shouldered extreme puffball.

X Factor 2009 Auditions Episode 5 Recap for those who missed it. Richard Green, 30 years old and a security guard from Watford was first on the show with his scary eyes and crazy dancing! Richard Green skipped work to come and inflict his version of Word Up by Cameoon the X Factor audience and the watching viewers at home too unfortunately. Maggie Abboud was a 43 year old who worked at Heathrow airport as part of the ground personnel. Maggie Abboud did a very strange version of A Child is Born much to the misery of the judges and the X Factor audience. Maurice Siegel was a 76 year old retired telesales worker who claimed to have over 500 female fans in Southend. Perhaps it was because of the way he sticks out his tongue? Pretty scary. Maurice Seigel sang Delialah by Tom Jones in his pink and blue shirt which was almost as bad as the singing. Chelsey Fletcher was a 16 year old student who sang a song which I couldn't understand. To be honest she was so bad I don't even know what Chelsey Fletcher sang. Ethan Boroian to the rescue! Ethan Boroian is a 19 year old student living in Surrey but originally from Chicago. Ethan Boroian sang Use Somebody by the Kings of Leon and everyone loved it including the judges with Dannii saying he's a little superstar. Faye Bray came out in some lingerie no doubt inspired by the Pussycat Dolls and she managed to get through. Faye Bray was unbelivably a prison lecturer and sang River Deep Mountain High by Tina Turner. If she wins she would use her fame for the power of good and work for the NSPCC or to help donkeys which I thought was great. Treyc Cohen was a call centre worker aged 25 who wowed the audience and all four X Factor judges with her version of I'm Every Woman by Whitney Houston. I've never seen Treyc spelled that way before. Even as I type Treyc Cohen my blogger spell checker is complaining! We'll be seeing more of Treyc Cohen in boot camp! Karl Lewis was up next this unemployed 25 year old sang Aerosmiths I don't wanna miss a thing and got through to boot camp. His Nan was back stage so Simon shouted her to come out on stage and she got a great round of applause from the judges and the X Factor Audience.. Harmony Hood were a group of 2 boys and 2 girls ages ranging from 18-23. Harmony Hood were pretty average but through they go. They sang Kanye West's Love Lockdown acappella style and it was average at best as you can tell I'm not too impressed with Harmony Hood. They got four yes's and Harmony Hood slide in to the X Factor 2009 Boot Camp. Natricia Thompson did an awful version of Whitney Houston's Dance With Somebody. They did one of the opening sequences where Natricia Thompson talks about how great she is then we're shocked back to reality when she starts to sing. Gianni Rocchetta was a 42 year old interpreter with a funny haircut and a terrible voice. Gianni Rocchetta sang a version of Madonna's Vogue through his nose and topped that off with some terrible dancing all round a pretty awful audition. Jackson Ssentamu sang Billie Jean by Michael Jackson after talking about how he'd become a pop prince. Jackson Ssentamu really didn't have much of a voice and didn't get through. Simone Lucioli the Italian model took off his shirt and pleased the ladies in the audience. Oh and Simone Lucioli sang Crazy Little Thing Called Love by Queen if anyone is interested? Kandy Rain were a sort of Pussycat Dolls tribute act who sang Don't Cha Wish Your Girlfriend was Hot Like Me. Kandy Rain are through to boot camp. Indie Okoye a 19 year old student sang Summertime and the Livin is Easy by Billie Holiday and had a nice soulful voice. Indie Okoye marches on through to X Factor boot camp. Stacey McClean is 20 and from Blackpool and is an Office Worker and sang Christina Aguilera's Aint No Other and was pretty average but Stacey McClean got through to the X Factor boot camp. Dominic Harris sang Chris Brown's With You and was another yes. Apparently Dominic Harris was on the X Factor in 2007 but I can't say I remember him. Nicole Lawrence started singing Another Little Piece of My Heart by Dusty Springfield but Simon stopped her as she seemed to be over singing it a bit. She then sang Alicia Keyes If I Aint Got You and Nicole Lawrence is another yes. It Takez 2 were quite funny and amazing got through to the next round. It Takez 2 sang the classic Jackson's song I'll Be There with most of the judges saying they preferred Katie's voice to Russel. They both met at Pontins which is a great X Factor story!


  1. Well, here I am! This is GIANNI ROCCHETTA, the guy with a terrible haircut! But, no, it was NOT a wig!! And yes, my performance WAS bad. NO problem admitting that!! And you know why?! Because I am actually a classically trained tenor and can sing, so I have NO problem admitting it when I have a bad day! Besides I had arrived the previous day from Italy (where I now live), was exhausted and had waited something like 8 hours before singing!! Also, to sing VOGUE was a bad idea. It was the WRONG choice. I know this because when I sang Stephen Sondheim's BEING ALIVE at the first three rounds, well, the producers auditioning me were impressed by my singing and I KNOW I sang well and in tune.
    As for my dancing, well, no, I'm sorry, it was NOT terrible. That is only the opinion of the pwrson who wrote the article above! Indeed, when I dance in discos etc so many people tell me I move and dance really well!
    And there's NO need to say certain things with such contempt.
    I am the FIRST to ADMIT I sang badly in London but I am also someone who shows respect and does NOT believe in being CONTEMPTUOUS with people and when judging them. Let me also tell you that I have been an artist model for 15 years and my body is considered very beautiful by so many painters and sculptors in London, New York and Florence.
    And you can hear my version of VOGUE and other songs on WWW.MYSPACE.COM/ROQUEVA. You will hear that I CAN sing!!!
    I really do NOT know what happened that day in London!!!

  2. And you can hear me sing immediately after the audition, backstage, in order to prove that I have a voice! I sang CON TE PARTIRĂ², and you can see and hear that on Look for auditions 5 episodes
    Mine is called THE OPERA FACTOR
    You will see and hear that I DO have a voice!!!!!!!!!!
    Singing is EVERYTHING, and when I perform so many people tell me I have a wonderful voice and sing with so much passion and heart.
    I am NOT deluding myself. I KNOW I have a voice. That day in London things went wrong, and that can happen, you know?!