Monday, 24 August 2009

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Where did Cheryl Cole get that dress from she wore on the opening night of the X Factor Auditions 2009? Where did Dannii Minogue get those shoes she wore on Saturday nights X Factor 2009 Auditions? Where did Simon Cowell get his latest black sweater/jumper. Ok does anyone really care about that? Maybe not so much. Since Cheryl Cole became a full time judge on the X Factor the media have been about a style battle or fashion battle between the two. They always seem to be at the forefront of the latest fashion styles and trends and so tuning in to the X Factor each Saturday night is a great way to see what the latest fashion trends will be. Cheryl Cole and Dannii Minogue have 10 million X Factor viewers each week so I guess they could be considered to be setting the fashion trends through the UK. So what are the latest X Factor fashion trends this year?

Lets cover the X Factor 2008 first! Cheryl Cole favoured sparkling dresses big eyelashes that drew attention to her gorgeous eyes and of course one of her signatures, stacked-up, backcombed, lacquered hair. This year on the X Factor 2009 Auditions she's changed her style slightly starting a whole new fashion trend. For example, her first outfit in the auditions saw her wearing platforms, her shoe of choice at the moment and leather trousers. Glasgow and Hampden Stadium had never seen the likes. Where does Cheryl Cole get these X Factor clothes? A bit camp I have to say but definitely Cheryl Cole's style. She's also been favouring pelmet short almost mini gowns which seems to hint at an 80's theme. Dramatic shoulders seem to be very in this season with Dannii Minogue favouring them too. I've read a few articles about Cheryl Cole styling herself this time around. I'm not sure why, perhaps she's going to go for a Cheryl Cole clothing line in the near future and is proving she knows what's she's doing in front of 10 million people each week. A risky game perhaps but not if she pulls it off which she seems to be doing so far. She has however picked out a few labels such as Alexander Wang, Preen and Alexander McQueen.

Dannii's gone for more a bob this season changing her hair and her style for the X Factor 2009 Auditions. Cheryl Cole has gone for the now infamous red tinge! We've yet to see it on the X Factor 2009 auditions so far but look out for it at the bootcamp. That's unless Cheryl changes her new red locks for another colour by then! As for Dannii Minogue, she recently admitted to giving up on Botox which might explain how she comes across as a bit warmer this year. No more robotic Dannii! She looks so much more grown up this term with her short bob hair. Dannii has gone for a much more feminine and sleek look this year and again going for the 80's trend with one shoulder dresses, black pants, shorts and jersey dresses. Everything else has been kept nice and simple. Dannii Minogue is certainly giving Cheryl Cole a run for her money in the fashion stakes. It's going to leave everyone asking where Dannii Minogue got her outfit from on a Saturday night?

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