Saturday, 29 August 2009

X Factor 2009 Auditions - Episode 2

The X Factor 2009 Auditions Episode 2 aired on Saturday the 29th of August and it was packed with the usual funny X Factor auditions and the odd gem. This time it covered the Birmingham X Factor Auditions with each contestant having to sing in front of an audiences of 2000 people. The most impressive X Factor contestants this week had to be Rozelle Phillip, Miss Fitz, Daryl Markham and Jamie "Afro" Archer. Jamie Archer did exactly the same as Danyl Johnson did in the X Factor 2009 Auditions Episode 1, he came on last and stole the show. I know Jamie Archer didn't really come on last, they just always save the best for last but you know what I mean.

Rozelle Phillip came all the way from Trinidad and Tobago and host Dermot O'Leary seemed to take a special shine to her before we even heard her singing. Rozelle is 21 and sang One Night Only by Jennifer Hudson and was pretty good. She kept talking about her Grandmother but I missed why, I think she put her up to coming on the show or something. It wasn't the usual 'she's looking down on me from heaven' story. Anyway on to Miss Fitz. I'm not sure if it's MisFitz or Miss Fitz does anyone know? In any case they're a 3 piece girl group who sang Britney Spears Toxic in a sort of jazz/swing way. They seemed a bit nervous about how it would go over with the judges but everyone loved it even Simon Cowell. One of the girls in the group had been on the X Factor a few years before, the same year Leona Lewis won the competition.

Daryl Markham did a great job with Rod Stewart's I Don't Want To Talk About It. I thought he sounded a bit like Paul Weller at first. Daryl Markham did come prepared with his sob story about his brother dying of lung cancer and it all got a bit emotional at the end. His brothers son came running out on to the stage and everyone was crying but you know the drill by now, emotional music, slow motion shots, close up of the tears. I'm not saying it's not sad what happened to the guy but the ITV producers really play on it. I always wonder what happens to the crap contestants who have sob stories. Well I know the answer to that question. They don't get on the show. One other mention should probably go to Michael Houghton who sang a song by The Script. Michael Houghton split the judges with Simon Cowell not being too keen and Cheryl Cole, Dannii Minogue and Louis Walsh all putting Michael through.

Anyway to the star of the night, Jamie "Afro" Archer. Jamie Afro Archer has Afro in there for a good reason, take a guess why. Yes that's right he has the most ridiculous Afro. Jamie is 33 and from London and for his opening monologue we went for the old 'this is my last chance' routine. If he doesn't make it now then apparently his voice will cease to work. He did exactly the same as Danyl Johnson, he worked the crowd up and got them onside right from the start. He even had Simon Cowell singing along to the Kings of Leon, Sex Is On Fire. To be honest I thought his voice was fairly average but we're seeing a big difference this year with the new X Factor 2009 Audition format. Having the live crowd there seems to bring out the entertainers and that gets some people through without necessarily having a great voice. Perhaps this is Simon Cowell's cunning plan, he's using the crowd as market research to see which X Factor contestant he can sell.

Ok now on to the funny X Factor 2009 Auditions! My favourite part. The stars of tonight had to be The Stunners. Wow they were something else. Lisa and Zoe make up The Stunners, both are unemployed and 17. They didn't lack any self confidence comparing themselves to Maria/Whitney/Justin and Christina. Simon Cowell said "You didn't sing a single word in tune". Hmm and they weren't stunners either. Kriztina Nagy was an X Factor 2009 contestant from Hungary and she was pretty awful. I didn't really know what she was saying most of the time and the singing was a disaster. I have to mention Alan Walton who opened the show. The judges were killing themselves laughing at Alan Walton who apparently needed his watch to count himself in to the song. Scary stuff Great Britain! We only had a brief glimpse of Andrew Ellis who claimed to be guided by angels in heaven. This is the general public which makes it all the scarier. Priceless are a boy band who Simon Cowell described as having "as much charisma as four bananas". There were a few other weird X Factor 2009 contestants too including Children of the Earth, they didn't get long enough screen time for me to really form opinion other than how weird they were. Checkout were the imaginatively named duo who both work in Asda. I think they're still working there.

Finally, this contestant has to go as both funny and strangely good. Leather-clad Behrouz Ghaemi whose rendition of Scissor Sisters Take Your Mama was pronounced "very entertaining" by the judges. Behrouz claimed to come from Persia, I'm not sure if that was a reference to Iran or his home planet. For me his vocals were awful but again he got the crowd going and through he goes. He was doing lots of weird things with his eyes so I wouldn't be putting any money on him being the X Factor 2009 winner. Hopefully he'll have lost the leather trousers by the time he gets to bootcamp.

That's the X Factor 2009 auditions episode 2 covered, what will next week bring?? I can't wait to find out! I'm sure Cheryl Cole and Dannii Minogue will look as stunning as ever, I wonder how much they spend on Cheryle Cole and Dannii Minogue style such as clothes hair and make up...hmm almost as much as Simon's? X Factor Episode 2 repeats are on 30 August 6:45 on ITV 2 and Friday 4th September at 6:45pm on ITV2. The Xtra Factor seems to be on all the time, I haven't bothered watching it yet but I'll get around to it.

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